Collecting crystals is a great hobby, if you are looking for information on how to collect crystals; you came to the right place. Here at Earth Brite, we will be sharing with you an article discussing a beginner’s guide to collecting crystals. If you want to become a collector of crystals and you are interested to find more information, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

Most hobbyists start collecting items or small trinkets when they are young. They usually start by collecting small items such as stamps, rocks, stones, seashells from the beach, pinecones in the forest during a hike, etc. If you are interested in getting into crystals collection, Earth Brite is perfect for you. 

How to start collecting crystals

Collecting crystals is a fun and rewarding hobby. You can start your collection by acquiring one crystal and see what will happen next. Check out the steps below so you can start your collection of crystals properly. 

Choose your starter crystals

As a beginner collector of crystals, you can start with starter crystals, those are common stones that you can choose to start with your collection. Crystals are naturally beautiful, beginner collectors usually go for common crystals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Red Jasper. 

Most of the common crystals are known to have broad energetic power. This allows collectors to use them with ease so they can harness their vibrations and enjoy the benefits they give. That’s why common starting crystals are recommended for beginner collectors. 

Most of the time, individuals choose their starter crystals because they are attracted by their colors or they feel great emotions or feelings when they see them. This can be a great basis for you, so you can choose your first crystal. Sometimes, they choose their crystal because it is their birthstone. As a beginner collector, you can be drawn or attracted by their shapes or textures; oftentimes crystals are used in different forms like placing them on a wand, decoration, or jewelry. 

Research about crystals

If you are interested in collecting crystals, you must first learn and research more about crystals. There is plenty of information about crystals on the internet so you must check out reliable sources on the web so you can learn important information about crystals before you start collecting them. If you want to know more information about crystals you must check out Earth Brite. 

What are crystals?

Crystals are solid materials with their molecules fitting together in a repeating pattern. Crystals have different properties like the following: 

  • Some crystals are used for grounding and stability
  • Some crystals are used for their motivating energy
  • Some crystals absorb negative energies and change them into positive ones
  • Other crystals can absorb negative energies and become weaker when they absorb too much 
  • Some crystals are used for protection
  • Certain crystals are used on the different chakras of the body
  • Crystals are also known for working in some aspects of the Feng Sui Bagua Map
  • Crystals are not just sparkly and beautiful rocks that you can use as a display, jewelry, or collection. You must understand how they work so you can use them properly and maximize their effect and benefits.

Check a list of crystals 

As a beginner collector of crystals, you must check an A to Z list of crystals so you can check out more crystals that you might want to add to your growing crystal collection. If you need assistance in choosing new crystals for your collection, you can ask for help from a reliable shop such as Earth Brite. 

Purchase sets of crystals from a reliable seller

Since there are plenty of crystals to choose from, the sheer amount of crystals that you have to choose to add to your collection might easily overwhelm you. It will take some time to learn which crystals function well together or which one will have a contradicting effect on each other. You must only trust a shop like Earth Brite to provide you with real crystals. 

You can purchase crystals that are sold in a set. Crystal sets are usually offered to provide happiness, protection, reduce stress, support meditation, and healing. The stones used in the set usually have properties that work together to attract the energy that you prefer. 

You can get a chakra healing set that contains seven crystals that work with each chakra to help balance your system. You can also just get one crystal at a time if you just want to focus on one chakra of your body that needs attention the most. Some sets of crystals are placed in a bag or small container. These sets can be a great choice if you have a limited budget but want to start your crystal collection. 

Get knowledge to know the difference between real and fake crystals

Be careful! Do not be fooled by those shops or sellers that offer fake crystals. Fake crystals do not have the correct geometrical formation that will provide positive vibrations and energies. Fake crystals will not provide healing and positive energy or any positive effect that you expect to receive from it; they will not do anything at all. 

Fake crystals are often created in a laboratory to appear identical to real crystals. There are signs and tests that you can perform to determine if the crystal you purchased is real. You can also check the hardness and weight of each crystal. You can also check for any discoloration or dyes that will make the crystal seem unnatural. 

The best way for you to make sure that you are purchasing real crystals, you can get them from a trustworthy seller like Earth Brite. We are based in Idaho, if you are near our area, please come visit us. 

Know how to properly handle and care for your crystals

Since crystals absorb negative energy and can’t hold it inside their molecular structure for a long time. Some crystals will need a rinse or sun exposure. It is important that you know which crystal will need what. Some do not need water, while others will change colors when exposed to the sun. 

Crystals are fragile, so you must be very careful when handling them. The hardest crystal may have fragile energy but they can still be powerful. You must clean them from time to time and store them in places that will protect their energy when they are not in use. 

What are the best crystals to choose from for a beginner collector? 


Amethyst is a versatile crystal and it is one of the most popular crystals among collectors because of its beautiful purple tones. It has a great energetic balance. It can be useful in finding equilibrium from calming rest and alert action. It has a peaceful and empowering energy for the user. If you choose it as a starter crystal it can help with your spiritual intuition and allow you to have a clear mind so you can think about your decisions and your purpose in life.


If you want to remove your fears of taking steps towards better spiritual health, you can choose the crystal Carnelian. It is an orange crystal that will help motivate you to keep improving and working towards your intentions and goals in life. It can help boost your confidence and help with your decision-making concerning healthy physical and emotional growth as an individual. 

Clear Quartz

If you are just starting your crystal collection, you can choose Clear Quartz. It contains fewer minerals compared to other crystals hence it has a clear color. Clear Quartz has pure energy and is a versatile crystal. It can be used for any intention. It has a general vibrational aura which makes it easy to use and to build a collection around, which is why most crystal collectors choose it as a starting stone in their collection. 

Red Jasper

If you need a crystal to help with perseverance and provide steadfast energy, you must choose Red Jasper. It can help you learn more about collecting crystals. It has a rich red color that will help with your passion and strength and at the same time provide a productive and relaxing feeling. It also provides a positive effect on your energy and stamina. 

Rose Quartz

If you are looking for a crystal that will help you deal with your emotions and love, you can go for Rose Quartz. It works by helping you understand your relationships with others and yourself. It can help you understand compassion, gratitude, and trust that will help ease your mind and spirit and it also works great for crystal meditation. 

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