Are wondering if you can use crystals during a massage? If you are searching for information about crystals for massage, this blog post is for you. Here at Earth Brite, we will be sharing a guide on how to use crystals for massage. If you want to learn more information, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

Massage therapy is important because it helps relax tense muscles and reduce muscle pain. Massage offers a lot of benefits to the body. Individuals who undergo routine massages have experienced improved immune response and enhanced endocrine system function. 

Massage therapy can be used with essential oils, incense, and crystals which can help increase and prolong its effects on the body. Check out the benefits of using crystals for massage. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Crystals for Massage?

Crystals are known for their high-energy vibrations. For centuries, they have been used for cleansing and protection to resist harmful energy and vibrations. Each crystal has its unique healing properties which can be used to target specific areas of the body. 

When crystals are used with massage therapy, they can help get rid of the root causes of the symptoms of an individual, whether it is shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, or fatigue. 

Crystals are natural mineral formations that contain energies and frequencies that can help modify the nervous and endocrine systems. They play an important role in holistic medicine because it helps relieve discomfort and pain, especially when used with massage. 

When crystals are in direct contact with the body they can help adjust the electrical currents flowing in the body which therefore improves the circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy in the different parts of the body. The crystals used during the massage will work together with our energy to remove toxins and get rid of accumulated stress and fatigue in the body. 

You must use the crystals before, during, or after a massage so it can help boost its positive effects. When combined, they provide a powerful effect on the body which helps uplift and provide healing to the different parts of the body. 

What Are the Different Types of Crystals to Use for Massage Therapy?

Each crystal has unique healing properties. They provide benefits to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of an individual thus helping improve the quality of life. You can choose a crystal that is calming and grounding as it will help boost the effects of a massage. You can also use a crystal that helps deal with physical and mental symptoms. 


This crystal helps promote good general health. It can be used to speed up the recovery process. It also helps with sports injuries, alleviates muscle pain, and promotes emotional equilibrium. Amazonite can be used for emotional health. It can be used during and after a massage to prolong its positive effects. 


This crystal is used for creating a balance between the body, soul, and mind. It can promote a relaxing massage by helping deliver oxygen to the different parts of the body. 

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is used for enhancing the benefits of a massage. It can be used on the body and its effects are: absorbing negative vibrations and energies and relieving the muscle and emotional pain that can affect overall health. It can be used as a deep cleanser, relax the muscles, and improve the immune system. This functions by creating an energy shield on the body and it can be used as an energetic prevention after a massage.

Clear Quartz 

This crystal provides healing. It can help relieve tension and pain by cleansing the body’s energy field. It can boost the immune system and help relax the muscles during a massage. It can boost the effectiveness of the massage and other crystals used during massage therapy. This crystal can be used on the body, around the body, or placed in the water for water massage therapy. 


This crystal is used for improving an individual’s health. It can alleviate pain in different parts of the body, as well as help reduce stress specifically caused by physical and mental exhaustion. It can be used to detoxify the body which makes it the ideal crystal to use for detox massage therapy. 

Rose Quartz 

This crystal is known for its nurturing powers. When used during a massage it can make the experience more enjoyable. It can boost self-love and help with the healing process. 

Zebra Jasper 

This crystal is useful for dealing with soreness and chronic fatigue. It energizes the body, relaxes the muscles, reduces spasms, and gets rid of tension in the body. It can be used during and after a massage. 

How Can Crystal Healing be Incorporated Into Massage?

Before the Massage 

The body must be prepared for a cleansing. Breathing exercises and meditation are done using crystals to open the chakras so they can be detoxed and realigned as the body experiences relaxation during the massage. Grounding crystals can be used for pre-massage relaxation.

During the Massage 

Crystals can be used during the massage but they may vary depending on the type of massage. 

  • The crystal can be placed on each chakra center to help realign the energy flow while the massage is ongoing. 
  • The crystals can be arranged around the body to provide cleansing and prevent negative vibrations from entering the body. 
  • Tumbled stones or a crystal massage wand can be used to massage high-tension areas of the body.
  • Crystal beads or small tumble stones and water can be used for a foot and hand massage.

After the Massage 

Crystals can be used after a massage to help enhance the benefits and prolong their effects to provide relaxation and promote good health. Allow the individual to sit with grounding crystals and close their eyes and focus on their breathing and body. Focus the attention on how the body feels after the massage with the energy aligned and flowing properly throughout the body. The grounding crystals will fix the alignments and draw positive energy to the body.

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