Nowadays, crystals can be seen just about anywhere. Here, we are going to teach you how to use them. By understanding the distinct properties of these popular crystals, you will know which of these stones is more appropriate for your needs.

Frequently, crystals are used for making jewelry. They are attractive and fun as well. Occultists usually have a collection of different stones. Each of these stones has its own unique property. For instance, baby pink rose quartz stones represent self-love, while black tourmaline stones are used for protection, and bright yellow citrine crystals are meant for abundance. Fans of healing crystals typically used them for calmness, relaxation, and clarity. The prices of these crystals vary, some are cheap while others can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Using these precious stones for rituals is not new. In fact, it can be traced back to indigenous cultures. Most of all, they are meant for the rich. Fortunately, because of these practices, crystals are getting to be more and more popular. Now, you can easily find affordable and quality crystals. Most people are buying a variety of crystals and they are not even aware of where they come from.

It is essential that you understand the origins of the rituals that you are engaging in. In addition, you must know which of these crystals is most effective for your intention. Here, we are going to help you know more about these crystals, which can be very helpful for beginners. At the same time, you will also gain some knowledge on how to develop a practice and build your own collection of crystals. It is the same as going to a farmer’s market where you shop locally. You can talk to the seller and inquire where these crystals come from. In case the vendor is unable to answer your question then you should not purchase from that vendor.

Why are Crystals Powerful

Crystals are natural rock formations that have distinct textures, shapes, and luminosity. In fact, these crystals have been used by ancient civilizations in a lot of ways. For instance, in making medicine, in practicing some rituals as well as in beauty routines. For instance, the Egyptians believe that rose quartz can help them in looking younger.

These stones also play an important role in our society. They are also used in most technological products such as computers, televisions, satellites, watches, and cell phones because of their optic properties or their capabilities in converting electrical impulses. Some of them are popularly used in cultural ceremonies as well as in beauty products. For instance, since diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, it is commonly used for engagement rings. Since diamonds are very hard, they are also included in drill bits, saw blades, and grinding wheels. Way back then, this technology was often conceived as magic.

Although these stones are powerful, they are not rare, hence, the cost should not be expensive. When purchasing these energetic minerals from reputable retailers or crystals wholesalers, you will likely find amazing deals.

Crystals can be used for identifying, boosting, and directing energy to a targeted source. When it comes to crystal healing, it is important to know that the magic of these crystals originates from their structural compositions. The idea is that the energy of these crystals runs through the geometry of the stone. Consequently, the healing energies generated from these crystals vary. Once they are under pressure, the energy generated can be used for identifying, boosting, and directing energy to a targeted source.

This might sound familiar since this is the basis of spell work. Since crystals reflect your inner power, they can be considered highly effective manifestation tools. When crystals are infused with spiritual intention, a symbiotic bond will be generated. Once the crystal has been charged with energy, transformation can likely occur.

How to Use Crystals

Although crystals are famous for their modern uses such as technology and beauty, they can also be incorporated into spiritual practice. Crystal healing might seem mysterious and confusing; however, it is very easy to start. You need to understand that when working with crystals, it is just like an expansion of your spellcasting. In other words, your main source will be your unique energy.

It is just like a USB flash drive, wherein its major function is to save and transfer data. The function of crystals is just the same. The fact is, during the past years, researchers have generated a small disk also referred to as the “Superman memory crystal.” It is used for saving files. It is assumed that each of these discs can save up to 360 terabytes of data which can last up to 14 billion years. In addition, it is assumed that these crystals can be programmed to accept, consume, and transfer emotions. In fact, you can choose how to program your crystals according to different purposes. It can either be for promoting love, wellness, wisdom, or prosperity.

However, before you can program your crystal, always ensure that you reset its vibrations. Wash your crystal with water or cleanse it by using the smoke of Palo Santo or sage. Simply let the crystal go through the smoke. Another option would be to leave your crystal under a full moon or bury it in the soil.

Once you are done clearing your crystal, you are now ready to program it. Just close your eyes, hold your crystal in your hand, and express your intention. Repeat your intention while visualizing your goals and the crystal will absorb your energy. Believe in your intuition and you will know when the energy has been transferred.

After the energy has been stored in this form, you can choose how you would like to use its power. Some healers prefer to keep their crystals close by, so they put them in their purses or pocket. For some people, they only bring them during rituals including full moon ceremonies. You might also want to put your crystal in a permanent place, for instance, in the corner of your room or on a windowsill. No matter how you want to engage with it, always consider its radiance.

Sometimes the crystals will embrace their own personalities. This is the fun part of it, hence, do not hesitate in adopting these powerful properties. Although you can activate these crystals through magical intuition, throughout the centuries some minerals have developed intense relationships with specific manifestations.

How to Choose the Right Crystals

Most crystal healers suggest that you don’t select your crystal because the crystal selects you. The fact is your crystal work starts with the selection process. If you are planning to buy your crystal from a brick-and-mortar store, then you should let your intuition guide you when deciding. All you have to do is go to the stone and crystal area, then close your eyes and put your hands over these smooth crystals. Actually, you don’t have to choose what crystals you want since the crystals will make the decision for you.

Now, think about your intention. What do you want to control? Concentrate on your manifestation and feel the various stones and crystals in your hand. Pay attention to your emotional and physical sensations. Do you feel energized or tranquilized? Do you feel any heat building up in your palm? Keep in mind that there is no particular ranking when it comes to divination tools. The best thing to do is to select the appropriate crystal that tantalizes your soul.

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy your crystal online, then you should investigate the intrinsic characteristics of the crystals. In order to discover the right crystal that best suits your manifestation, you should match its internal function to your intention. Although you adored these divination tools, the prices should not put you in burden. The purpose of crystals is to make your life easier, not make it more stressful. The following are some of the wonderful choices when you are just starting your crystal practice.


This unique purple crystal can help you in obtaining a higher level of consciousness and connecting to your psychic powers. In addition, amethyst can also protect you by eliminating the negative energies. Historically, amethyst is popularly known to heal psychological pain. That is why most often it is worn close to the heart, especially during those sad times. Although it is small, this talisman can help in fighting anxiety. Additionally, it is also connected to dreams and psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is not only versatile but powerful as well. Also called the “Master Healer,” this stone can quickly absorb frequencies and intensify magical intentions. Hence, it is the perfect choice for enhancing positive vibrations or simply for healing. Since it is an all-purpose crystal, it can be used as a substitute for others. Typically, clear quartz is a must-have for those people who want to get involved with crystals. Additionally, clear quartz can also help in enhancing the power of other crystals.

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