Gathered from beneath the Earth’s surface, crystals grace our surroundings with their boundless and mysterious beauty.  Minerals and gemstones bring numerous benefits to our homes and well-being as they sit on our shelves and tables; or hang from our necks, wrists, and ears.

Whatever background we have, when we come across a beautiful rock, it seems to connect us to Mother Earth.  A purchased lamp or a piece of gifted jewelry is something extraordinary to treasure and use.

Crystals possess not just elegance to marvel upon.  They also own positive vibrations and healing qualities.  The Earth did not produce them to stay buried under the ground or left to sit on the counter in your home.  To make the most of these marvelous creations, know that they can be used in your everyday life in various ways.

How Do You Use Crystals?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a bunch of beautiful rocks sitting in a bowl.  You may also own some crystal pendants or gemstone earrings carefully tucked away.  Why don’t you put them to a more beneficial and frequent daily use?

You Can Use Crystals to Decorate Your Space.

The most common way to utilize crystals is to situate them in spaces you frequent.  These alluring rocks make a beautiful addition to your accent shelf and bedside table.  If you want, you can set up an area designated for displaying your gemstones and rocks collection.

Use your crystal candle holders as little planters for tiny plants like succulents.  Ensure that your chosen candle holders have a solid instead of a felted bottom.  A good quality one will hold up to the water to help the plant thrive.

Add the crystals to your altar to give it a tremendous boost of earth energy.  Write your intention on a piece of paper.  Place your crystal with one sharp edge on this paper to magnify your preferences.  Doing this could give you a force of good luck.

Level up and learn how to make a crystal grid.  You can arrange a bunch of crystals in a sacred geometrical grid.  Using a grid cloth as a guide makes this task easy.  Crystal grids are believed to help magnify their power.

For your smaller rock pieces, you can arrange them in a bowl or plate before putting them on a countertop.  These rocks provide an aesthetic feel to your space and radiate a positive vibe to your family and guests.

Adorn Your Body with Crystal Jewelry.

Another everyday use of crystals is by making them into jewelry.  It is one of the best methods to enjoy their beauty and benefits.  By wearing them all day, you maintain a constant connection with them.  Pick a stone that corresponds to your intentions.  If you seek healing, pick one that answers to that chakra and position it close to where the chakra lives in the body.

While you explore and express your style, your crystals stir the energy around your intention and surface the emotions you aim to heal.  For example, you can place a clear quartz crystal above your head to open your crown chakra for enlightenment and guidance.  Putting a stone over your third-eye chakra can help you enter a deeper state of meditation.

Use Crystals to Set the Mood in Your Space.

Your beautiful rocks may serve as accent pieces on your shelves.  But you can regularly move and rearrange them to set the mood.  Follow the seasons or place them according to your preferences.

When you place your crystals in spaces you frequent, you form a closer relationship with them.  Moving them gives a sense that they are indeed living pieces that evolve and grow with you and your experiences.

Bring Crystals Wherever You Go.

If you are not jewelry fan, you can still take your crystals with you.  Put them in your pocket or purse.  It can bring you good luck, protection against negativity, or attract prosperity.  Sync them with your birthstone to better tap into your vibe.

The more time you spend with your chosen crystal, the more aware you will be of the energy they carry.  It makes you more drawn to keeping them close as talismans to attract or repel energies based on your intentions. Pull them out anytime you need to center yourself.

Crystals Can Be Helpful in Your Meditation.

Meditation does us a lot of good.  However, beginners will agree that it is easier said than done. Most of us will go through the struggle to stay focused.

Bringing crystals into your meditation practice is a great help.  Try to hold a rock in your hand and focus on its attributes.  Feel its weight, shape, temperature, and how it feels against your palm and fingers.  This is an effective method to develop your budding meditation habits.  Holding a crystal gives you something tangible to focus on and to return when your consciousness wanders off.

Different crystals will feel in varied ways.  Be patient and experiment until you find the one that best accompanies you in your mindfulness routines.

Creating crystal grids can also be a form of active meditation.  Go to your favorite spot and zero in on making beautiful arrangements of your gemstones.

You can also take crystals as you do yoga.  Placing them on your mat creates a tranquil space for you to practice.  Advanced practitioners can place crystals on their bodies.  This encourages them to go to a deeper state of meditation.

Incorporate Crystals in Your Self-care Practices.

You can include your crystals in your spa treatment outside of meditation practices.  Put them in the bath with you.  Let them soak in the water before you wash your face.  Like ripples, your gemstones will radiate the energy you aim to gather as you immerse yourself in your self-care routines.

Minerals and crystals come in a host of different shapes and sizes.  You will indeed find one that suits you and your vibe.  Learning about the various ways to use them is fun and exciting.  Whether you wear them as jewelry or use them as planters, let your creative juices flow to include them in your daily routine.

These rocks and stones are imbued with Mother Earth’s properties and history.  Their healing energy can help boost your mindful practice of choice.  Remember that one crystal practice that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  Keep exploring and find the one that suits your vibe and your lifestyle.

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