Caribbean Calcite Obelisk



This Caribbean calcite is such a lovely shade of blue.  It measures 108mm x 33mm x 33mm. It is a mixture of a teal blue calcite and aragonite.

As this stone is very new to the crystal world, little is definitively known about its crystal healing powers, however some powerful metaphysical properties have been reported. The stone is said to have a deeply soothing, calming energy which gifts peace to its user. For this reason, Caribbean Calcite may be able to help with sleep disturbances and nightmares.

All Calcites are said to amplify and cleanse energies, while Brown Aragonite (which is included in Caribbean Calcite) is great for grounding and stress relief. This blue stone is most associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. With regards to spirituality, it is said to enhance one’s psychic abilities and enable lucid dreaming and astral travel.



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