Chinese Writing Stone Point


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These are very unique points – Chinese writing stone.  These points measure 85mm – 92mm.

Chinese Writing Stone, also known as Chinese Writing Rock, is a rare Basalt porphyry (a combination of granular sediment dispersed in a matrix) mineral with elongated feldspar crystal inclusions. These crystals are usually white and are oftentimes seen as overlapping, nearly resembling letters of an ancient Chinese script (hence the name). It’s unclear when or who discovered this stone, which has its type locality (original deposit) found in Auburn, California. It is believed to have been found in the 1970’s, with large quantities of product being cut by lapidary artists throughout the 1980’s. Since then this mineral has also been found in Nevada (USA) and Australia.

Chinese Writing Stone provides one with a newly found connection to Mother Earth. This divine channel between your home planet and soul is capable of unlocking an extremely grounded version of yourself. As you become more in touch with not only yourself, but also the pure vibrations of Earth, you will notice a difference in your thoughts and ideas. Your entire inner ideology begins to break down and prioritize what’s important and what isn’t. One will begin to unfold a new found glory of loving life and everything that comes with it. It is through these experiences you not only learn more about yourself, but also what you’re capable of withstanding. The true inner strength you carry is on full display when dealing with hardships, whether they be emotional or physical. This should serve as a reminder of the true power you have in this world and how you are capable of shaping your own destiny. For once, look inward for solutions instead of expanding your consciousness outward. All the answers we need to the problems we face each day are already within you. Don’t allow external forces to dictate your place in this world. Ground your vibrations and experience a harmonious resurgence of love and life.


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