Hawk’s Eye Point



This is an amazing and rich blue hawk’s eye – blue tiger’s eye – point.  It is truly one of a kind.  This measures 108mm x 29mm x 26mm.

The hawk’s Eye is predisposed to bring good luck to life as well as propel the soul to gain the perfect posture. Apart from treating the issues of the cells, it is too noted to perk up the bone and muscle strength. It is a stone that too heals the internal organs of the body, such as liver and sexual organs. Hawk’s Eye holds the propensity to assist the soul to envisage the spiritual and material goals and turn them into reality.

As a Shamanic stone, Hawk’s Eye is conceived to be helpful in the astral travel and taking up the spiritual challenges. Meditating with this alluring gem nugget aid in understanding the real concept of the life as well as help to accept the changes. It too helps the spirit to grow strong to take the situation as it is and work accordingly. Further, it restricts the soul to fight against the unwelcoming circumstances as it proffers the vision to see the new phase of life with a positive attitude. It is too assessed to connect the energies of the spirit with the energies of the past lives in addition to the cosmos. Often noticed that the vividness of the stone varies from the lightest to the gloomy qualities of the blue and may also hold green or gray bands. It holds the Chatoyant property that makes the stone reflective too. It is considered that the energies of the stone are related with the sapphire and blue quartz along with the Angelite.

The qualities of Hawk’s eye can be linked to the element air as well as known to be related to the planet Jupiter, so pondered to be a zodiac stone for Sagittarius and Capricorn. Since traditions, this captivating gem deemed best for the children as help to release the fear from their intellectual and emotional torso. The vibration number of this potent gemstone is 3 and 4, so regarded proficient nugget in handling the health and wealth issues. On the physical ground, it is evaluated a compelling stone for mending the sinus as well as the troubles of congestion. Moreover, it likewise cures the pains related to the spine and neck. When kept in a home, it effectually expands the horizons of the people living in the home. It obliterates the off-putting energies from the internal and external aura and makes the overall torso flamboyant.

A blue form of Tiger Eye, Hawk’s Eye considered to manifest the thoughts and creative ideas into reality as well as connect with the energies so the Mother Nature, in addition to the universe. The vibrancy of the stone further assist  in creating the heaven on earth with the help of positivity. An excellent gem nugget, it keeps the spirit of the soul balanced and focused. Furthermore, it follows the inner aura of the soul clean, grounded ad centered. Appreciated for its psychic ability, the bluish tints of the stone facilitate to develop intuition and uplift the spirit when depressed. The blue hues of the stone activate the throat chakra to evoke the communication skill and calm down the intellectual thoughts.

Physical healing:

On the physical ground, Hawk’s Eye also regarded as Blue Tiger Eye release fatigue from the overall body as well as depression. It too balances the emotions that help to pacify the overactive sex drive. Further, it is a stone that helps to maintain the metabolic level and boost up the physical strength. It too cures the issues of eyes and makes the soul physically strong and active. The hawk’s Eye is predisposed to bring good luck in life as well as propel the soul to gain the perfect posture. Aside from treating the issues of the cells, it is too noted to perk up the bone and muscle force. It is a stone that too heals the internal organs of the body, such as liver and sexual organs.

Blue Tiger Eye is widely applied to enhance the physical power, vitality, energy as well as stamina. It is acknowledged to amplify the absorption of the Vitamins in the torso in addition to the production of the cells. It likewise heals the issues of the throat as well as procreative organs.

Emotional Healing:

The blue tints of the Hawk’s Eye augment the tranquillity, roots out anxiety and the feeling of the stress. The powerful energy of the minerals infused in the Hawk’s Eye settles down the restless emotions as well as strengthens the energy area. It is considered to be an influential gem that allows differentiating between the desires and promises. Furthermore, it permits the soulful spirit to recognize the actual needs of the life. It is too contemplated to balance the masculine and feminine energy as well as proffer relief from phobias and frights.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Hawks Eye holds the energies that activate the Throat and Third Eye chakras to evoke the ability to seek the inner self and solve the internal conflicts to gain a tranquil living. It too heals the emotional and mental issues as well as help to move ahead in life. Blue Tiger Eye proffers the ability to speak your views confidently in front of public. It too clears the internal blockages and accesses the intuition. The Crown Chakra acts as the gateway to the expanded universe beyond the physical structures. It connects the individual to the higher planes of existence and is the source of universal energy and accuracy

Spiritual Healing:

The grounding energies of the Hawk’s Eye allow the soul to seek for spiritualism and gain the spiritual wisdom along with the sacred life. The reverberating vibes of this enthralling gem nugget assist the soul to search for the divine purpose of life and understand the beauty of the gifted life. Further, it facilitates to find accordance within the personality as well as attain a high meditative state to gain the spiritual knowledge.


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