Llanite Point


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Llanite, also known as Que Sera, is a form of rhyolite.  These towers measure 87mm – 89mm.

With a powerful vibration that resonates earth energy, the Llanite, or Que Sera, is a stone that has many purposes. The stone was just recently discovered, but it has already gained a reputation for its ability to draw uninterrupted flow of energy from the higher planes.

The name Que Sera is actually derived from the phrase ‘que sera, sera’ which translates to ‘what will be, will be’. However, the name ‘que sera’ simply means ‘will be’ that actually relates to its origin and meaning. Its name is actually symbolic and representative of its unique formation. That being the fact that the stone comes from the ‘Grand Formation’ of the planet.

Its unique composition makes it ideal for soothing, healing, re-energizing. This stone has the ability to do virtually anything in the metaphysical sense. All these properties combined makes it the best stone for affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well as your psychic ability.

Llanite are also known for drawing out one’s true intentions. It is a stone made for those who are unsure of themselves or those who seek to let loose. If you ever have trouble surrendering yourself to your ideas or emotions, then this stone can help you.


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