Rough Idaho Star Garnet



These are amazing large, rough Idaho star garnets from Emerald Creek, ID.  This is for 2 ounces and 2 ounces of star garnet is equal to about 2 rough garnets.

Star garnets are so rare that to date they have only been found in two places in the world; in the state of Idaho in the USA and in India. The garnet varieties that occasionally exhibit asterism are almandine and a mixture of almandine and pyrope garnet.

Star Garnet is a gemstone with a meaning and properties of enhancing creativity. It would stimulate owner curiosity and create brand new things. This gemstone is good when you want to show your individuality. It would help grow your skills and increase your self-confidence. The gemstone  can help you to become socially independent.

As one of the four elementals, the quality of fire exists in very high levels within Garnet crystals.

Fire is the spiritual representation of transformation and transmutation. It represents the power to convert energies from one to another. It has been used throughout history in alchemical procedures and other metaphysical practices for this reason.

Today, if you are desiring to change something about your spirit or your soul, using fire elementals, and specifically Garnet can help you to begin increasing movement and vibrations inside your body. This is needed to break apart stagnant energies and transform yourself into the person that you desire to become.

Garnet also represents the formation of passions. It is a common jewel to be worn by both women and men as a tool for increasing attraction and libido. Garnet harnesses the healthy sexual energies of deities such as Venus, Cupid, and Aphrodite.

By working with Garnet in your daily spiritual practice or during tantric activities, you can begin to increase your innate sexual prowess and become more confident in your natural sexual abilities. This can be applied to both men and women.

The power inside the Garnet crystal is a natural remedy to increase circulation leading to heightened sensitivity and desire during intimate moments.


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