It’s crucial to note that while crystals are frequently used for financial gain, they are also used by many people to help form their goals. With the help of these stones, you can devote all of your effort towards achieving prosperity in your life. It all comes down to manifesting what you want and establishing intentions for where you want your money to go.

Several crystals can attract money and be used in your life to achieve true wealth. Check them out below:


These money crystals are also referred to as fool’s gold and have an extremely realistic appearance. While it may not be valued as much as genuine gold, it can nevertheless help you live a life filled with riches by making you more receptive to success. Pyrite is a mineral that frequently brings good fortune.

This is an excellent prosperity crystal for business owners to keep near their cash register to bring in wealth. For the same reason, many people keep a tiny sample in their wallet or handbag.


Another beautiful crystal that is excellent for riches. Citrine is a vibrant yellow stone that radiates riches, abundance, warmth, and brightness. With the help of this wealth crystal, you’ll have the assurance you need to carry out your objectives for financial success.

When meditating, citrine is most effective. Since it is strongly related to the solar plexus chakra, make sure to place the stone there as you start to create your financial goals.

Green Jade

For centuries, green jade has been associated with prosperity in Chinese culture. The harmony that is attracted by this member of the green crystal family helps you think clearly and maintain calm. These qualities are essential for someone who desires to attract prosperity into their life.

Green jade is a quiet stone, which means that it can be difficult to detect its vibrations during the day when there is so much going on. Keep a green jade stone next to your bed. It will help you direct your dreams toward what you desire while sleeping.


Malachite is another green stone that bestows confidence and vigor upon you. It also demonstrates to you that change is OK. These are crucial traits to have when pursuing your dreams since they will let you understand that you can keep going even when difficulties arise.

Malachite, which is associated with the heart, is extremely powerful when worn as a necklace over the chest. This will serve as a helpful reminder for you to stick with your financial objectives and make decisions based on your heart. One of the greatest crystals for money, it helps you stay focused and on track with your financial objectives.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has a strong connection to the mind and is frequently used for luck and fortune. It endows you with endurance, grit, and resolve to support you on the right path. A tiger’s eye keeps you anchored when you carry one with you.

The ideal approach to use this crystal for riches is to hold it in your hand or keep it handy in your pocket. The stone will act as a powerful reminder of what you desire and the direction you need to go to attain it.


Our anxieties and the emotions that hold us back are frequently what prevents us from achieving financial prosperity. Getting rid of these mental and emotional barriers is crucial if you want to attract riches into your life. The appropriate crystal for this is peridot, which brings prosperity.

To focus the energy of the stone, place peridot over your solar plexus and heart chakras as you meditate. This will give you the confidence you need to use money-attracting crystals and achieve your financial objectives.


Because this is the stone of prosperity and wealth, it is essential for manifesting riches and financial pleasure in your life. It might help you focus on establishing a solid work ethic so that you can achieve your goals.

The heart and throat chakra are both associated with amazonite. You can invite luck and happy sensations into your spirit by combining it with the heart chakra. You can direct your efforts with calm and concentration if you use it with the throat chakra. Together, the two will help you succeed financially.

Clear Quartz

When you surround clear quartz with energy or put energy into it, it magnifies that energy. In other words, if you utilize the crystal to set your financial objectives and your intentions for how you’ll get there, the crystal will support you in doing so.

The best approach to using clear quartz is in a crystal grid with one or more of the other money crystals. You may solidify what you want and have the strength to do it with the combination of prosperity crystals you choose.

Green Aventurine

Opportunities and gaining good fortune are the big points of this stone. There are several accounts of people who used green aventurine to make their financial wishes come true and who won large or became wealthy. It’s certainly not a bad crystal to keep around for money.

Green aventurine is most effective when stored in places where cash should be kept. Businesses can keep some in their cash registers or cash boxes, and individuals can carry some in their pockets or purses. If you enter a competition with a cash reward, keep the stone with you at all times.


Many people use andalusite to help them focus on and set their goals with great intent. This is created by the black diagonal lines that frequently intersect the stone to create a bull’s-eye shape. When you have a specific area to concentrate on when setting your goals, the energy of the stone is drawn directly to what you want.

The best way to use these crystals for success is through visualization meditation. Create your financial well-being goal at the intersection of the lines. Use that point as your focal point.


We can all explore using crystals for money, and any one of the crystals on this list will undoubtedly make a positive difference in your life. Money-attracting crystals are an excellent place to start if you wish to attract wealth into your life.

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