Over the years, crystals and stones have gained popularity as jewelry, décor, and healing.  An increased interest is growing in using crystals for more esoteric purposes. Around the world, people have also utilized crystals in meditation practices.

Crystal healers believe that crystals are made up of various elements that our bodies react to differently. They are minerals that possess energy, much as our bodies do. Thus, it allows us to exchange energies while working with it.

What are the Different Types of Crystals?

  • Amethyst:  This standard crystal holds solid healing energy that aids sleep and blood circulation. It also balances our chakra, which refers to the energy points in our bodies.
  • Black Tourmaline: This stone protects us against radiation and other negative energies.
  • Citrine:  Also called the stone of joy, citrine is said to attract happiness and abundant blessings.
  • Clear Quartz: This type of quartz reduces stress and improves awareness.  
  • Rose Quartz: This quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. It is believed to foster loving connections with others and boost feelings of self-love.
  • Smoky Quartz: This crystal is a grounding stone; hence it helps you feel rooted in your environment. It uplifts the mood and can also be used for protection.
  • Garnet:  A crystal is a good option if you are recovering from an illness. It is beneficial for providing energy and regeneration of the body.
  • Lapis Lazuli:  Believed to enhance spiritual development, this stone can increase your instincts to resolve conflict.
  • Selenite:  This is the crystal that is commonly used for meditation. It is believed to help you link yourself to higher consciousness.
  • Sodalite:  When used, sodalite brings calmness and peace within.
  • Tiger’s Eye:  It is best used in times of change. Believed in providing empowerment, you are gifted with the ability to assert yourself in difficult situations.  It also makes it easy to find clarity in your intentions.

Why Use Crystals in Meditation?

Using crystals for healing and protection has been practiced for thousands of years.  Many people practice meditation to achieve a heightened level of consciousness.  While there are many forms of meditation, including crystals in the practice can sharpen your focus, deepen your reach into your consciousness, and raise awareness of your higher self.

Crystals possess a significant effect on consciousness.  Although there is very little scientific evidence about crystals, there are many historical accounts that crystals and stones have long been used for healing and spiritual purposes.

How to Prepare to Meditate with Crystals

Initiating crystal meditation is easy if you are familiar with the process.  You just add the crystal into your current practice.  Otherwise, if this type of rumination is new to you, you must commit to practicing it daily.  

The key is to do it as often as you can.  Make it a crucial part of your day.  Should you feel overwhelmed or tired, then all the more that you need to do it.

Choose the crystal that you want to use.  You may need a few to get the ball rolling.  Crystal healers highly recommend two crystals.  The first is clear quartz.  By allowing altered states of consciousness and balancing the chakras in the body, your energy centers are regulated and prepared for meditation.

The second pick, especially for beginners, is selenite.  A gypsum-based crystal helps communicate to your higher self and the higher realms.  As it is a high-vibration stone, it can activate the crown chakra.  Hence, it brings light and healing to each cell in the body.  In meditation, selenite helps you to remember a part of your past to realize the hidden sacred knowledge.

The choice is yours.  Whatever crystal you choose to work with, you must pick it intuitively.  Go for the one that your body feels drawn to.

When your crystal is ready, find a spot you won’t be bothered.  Make sure you are neither hot nor cold.  If you can, set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.  Do the same with lighting.  Adjust it for a calm and relaxed ambience.

Meditating with Crystals

1. Start by Cleansing Your Crystals.

Cleansing your crystals is vital before you begin. You want to ensure its energies are pure each time you use it.  Some crystals require specific cleaning methods. Do your research before you start.

Generally, cleansing for most crystals is done by the following methods:

  • Pass your crystal through incense.
  • Make sound around it, like chanting or using singing bowls.
  • Expose it to the sun or moonlight for several hours before use.
  • Put it under clear running water.
  • Immerse it in salt water.
  • You may also bury it in a bowl of brown rice.

2. Connect to Your Higher Self

Ground yourself.  Do this by asking your inner self and the highest beings to help you as you start meditating. Set your intention.  Remember that what you’re doing serves humanity in a good way.

Next, ask your crystals for permission to use their vibrations. Connect to your inner self and, by intuition, feel their answer.  As you take notice of your breath, connect to the crystal vibrations. You may close your eyes while keeping a good level of alertness.

If you are a beginner, you may notice your mind wandering, don’t beat yourself up. Drifting thoughts are typical. Acknowledge them and send them off. Some of them may be coming from the crystals’ vibrations and visions.

3. Ending Your Session

Instinctively, you’ll know when the meditation session has ended. Remember that crystals shouldn’t remain on your body for more than 20 minutes. Anytime you feel uncomfortable with them, put them down and drink water.

As you end, gradually become aware of yourself, where you are, and what you are doing.  You may want to do a little stretching to help you come back. Don’t rush it. Once you’re fully aware, drink water to detoxify.

4. Practice Constantly

You will be significantly better if you meditate daily. As you become more attuned with your higher self and the crystals you’re using, you may add crystals at most once a week. Many believe that with practice, crystals may considerably aid meditation.

If you’re already a seasoned meditator, you can add other tools such as candles, incense, essential oils, images of ancestors and inspiring figures, and other sacred objects.

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