Life can sometimes feel chaotic and you’ll find yourself in need of guidance to get rid of negative thoughts and find the right direction. This is where the zebra jasper can help. This crystal is known for helping people find more positivity and balance in the different aspects of their life. 

The zebra jasper is not as popular as other healing crystals like rose quartz or amethyst, but it’s just as helpful. The crystal also looks very exquisite, which makes it an excellent piece of jewelry. But before you start using a zebra jasper, it is important to learn more about this crystal, including how and when to use it. 

Zebra Jasper Meaning

Like every crystal in the world, the zebra jasper has its own vibe and vibration. It has several unique characteristics that are not present in other stones. Natural healers believe that the zebra jasper helps you get more sense into your life. It means that it can instantly create balance in the different systems of your life.

No matter how messy you deem your life to be, a crystal-like zebra jasper can provide it a bit of harmony. Some natural healers refer to zebra jasper as the stone of balance that can keep you grounded to the physical reality of your life. 

So, if you’re the type of person who tends to procrastinate and put things off, a zebra jasper is what you need in your life. This crystal can help you out by giving you a little push from behind. It can help you find the motivation and enthusiasm you need to finish all of your projects and tasks. With the zebra jasper, you are only a few steps away from reaching your goals and dreams. 


Zebra jasper is a crystal that has both physical and metaphysical properties. Some people adore its beauty that can go well with a modern and elegant outfit. Some use it as a healing crystal that can be useful for helping them live a healthier lifestyle.

Physical Properties

The name zebra jasper is pretty self-explanatory. The crystal is white with black uneven stripes that look similar to a zebra. The zebra jasper is not a rare crystal, which means it’s not as expensive as other crystals despite its astonishing beauty.

The crystal also has other variations. You can find a zebra jasper in a mix of brown and white, green and white, or red and white. 

When it comes to hardness, zebra jasper is rated seven. It is not as hard as the rated 10 diamond, but it is particularly strong. This means the crystal can be used as a piece of jewelry without being easily damaged. It is similar to quartz in terms of hardness with the ability to scratch glass.

Metaphysical Properties

Zebra jasper is not among the most popular healing crystals in the world, but many people find it useful as well. The crystal will work for everyone because of its efficiency and properties that help restore personal balance. Even if your life is going smoothly, it is still crucial to keep your balance at the highest standards, so a zebra jasper crystal will still be useful. 

All of us need emotional healing at some point. It could be healing from a childhood trauma that you simply cannot get over or a relationship that ruined you and broke your heart. These emotional issues are likely to prevent you from becoming the person you truly are. 

The zebra jasper can help by instantly providing you with a solid balance between your emotions and your painful baggage. The crystal will help lift your mood and boost your positive attitude. You will find the optimism to battle your anxiety and stress, and the confidence to push yourself to be the person you are supposed to be. The zebra jasper can give you the courage to go for your goals, especially those that are related to finances, business, or career. Some people also regard the zebra jasper as a crystal for money, so that’s another reason for you to keep it around.

In addition, the crystal work wonders if you have bad habits, like addiction to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or any other substance. The zebra jasper will help you overcome it by giving you the balance and clarity to start the healing procedure.

Zebra jasper is also a great choice for people who are facing different relationship issues. The crystal gives you a more positive attitude, which helps you see the good in yourself and others. It will give you the courage to let go if necessary or to give it all you’ve got in your relationship. 

On the spiritual aspect, the zebra jasper can give you a well-deserved equilibrium that’s easy to take for granted in this busy society. The crystal can help promote your spiritual practice so you can appreciate the little things in life. You will also develop awareness and passion for nature.

Zebra jasper’s metaphysical properties are all about unifying yin and yang or putting the light and darkness together in a balance. You will achieve inner stability, safety, security, and a higher degree of consciousness. 

Finally, the zebra jasper’s effects on the body are also worth noting. It has been used for several purposes over the centuries. It was primarily used for pain relief caused by a wide variety of reasons. The crystal is also known to prevent and relieve muscular spasms. It boosts the power, strength, and energy for physical activities, so it’s great for athletic people. It also strengthens the skeletal system, prevents kidney issues, and reinforces the lymphatic system, while also reducing heart and muscle degeneration. 

Where does Zebra Jasper come from?

You can find Zebra jasper in Idaho, but most of it comes from mines in Africa. Russia and India also have large mines of zebra jasper. 

How much is Zebra Jasper worth?

Some types of jasper, like the Imperial or Madagascar jasper, can be quite expensive because of their rarity. But zebra jasper is quite common, so it’s one of the more affordable crystals. A piece of zebra jasper point at Earth Brite Shop in Idaho costs only $20.

How to use Zebra Jasper

There are several different ways to use zebra jasper, depending on your situation. You will need to experiment to find out what works best for you. The zebra jasper is often used in feng shui practices. Use it to benefit from its positive vibration. 

How to cleanse Zebra Jasper

One of the best ways to cleanse zebra jasper is by burying it in the ground. It is an earth stone, so it makes sense that it’s also the earth that can help clear out all its negative energies.

Using sea salt is also a great option. Simply bury your zebra jasper in a bowl filled with sea salt and leave it there for a few good hours to get rid of all its negative energies. You can also cleanse zebra jasper by keeping it in your hand pushing the negative energies away with your mind. Sacred herbs like cedar, lemongrass, and sage are also helpful. 

If you live close to a body of fresh water, like a lake, river, or pond, you can hold the zebra jasper point in your hands, and allow the water to cleanse it. 

Rock Shop in Caldwell, Idaho

Despite not being as popular as other healing crystals, zebra jasper is incredibly useful with amazing physical and metaphysical properties. It also looks good, so it will complement most fashion styles. If you’re looking to restore the sense of stability and balance in your life, get a zebra jasper point today from Earth Brite Rock Shop, located at 3506 Cleveland Blvd. Caldwell, ID. We offer a wide variety of raw crystals, jewelry, carvings, fossils, spheres, and towers. Check out our website to find something you might like!